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Australia is fortunate to have some pretty incredible people who gain global attention for the work they do.

We're not talking a little 'inspo' here, we're talking about people who are leading Australia with their research. The kind of team that every country is watching.

Well, Pain Train holds one such incredible team in very high regard. They are the UniSA and they're aiming for a Pain Revolution. Pain Train are in huge support of the idea.

Specialists and people living with pain around the world are desperate for ways to find explanations for chronic pain and for better ways to manage it. They’re all watching these guys!

For family and friends who haven’t had to worry about chronic pain this wouldn’t mean much but this affects those people no less because any pain you feel (or don't!) UniSA's research team are attempting to explain it (even if it sounds senseless!).

Pain is relevant to all of us.
This research is relevant to the world.

Please, help with the Pain Revolution fundraiser by donating.

Put your funds in the brains of the best possible research… be part of this Pain Revolution.

Our founder ever grateful to UniSA's Professor Lorimer Moseley

(Lorimer and Soula at the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia Melbourne launch)
In Feb 2011 our founder, Soula had just had her peripheral stimulation implant operation and was slowly emerging from her darkest days.

While at home, Soula listened to the radio which is where she first heard Professor Lorimer Moseley who was speaking on Margaret Throsby’s show on ABC Classic FM.

Soula's says, 'I heard Lorimer explain chronic pain and the brain before coming to the conclusion that he was mad and switching off the radio.

I was angry that this professional was saying that my brain was really good at learning bad things and that my brain did that in the same way – and as well as it could learn good things.

As we now know, Lorimer was right and I’m still angry… but angry at my brain!'

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