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I hope you've been very well.

I've been getting back on my feet after my spinal cord stim implant. I'm feeling quite good and happy to report my new life has begun after a four-year transition from city to coast.

Albeit slowly, PainTrain continues to grow with the realisation within healthcare that digital health and patient-driven management is an acceptable way forward.

And not only is digital health acceptable but it seems to be positive for both professionals and for patients!

Do you know the Philips Future Health Index?

In my ongoing digital health research, I came across the Future Health Index 2019 Transforming Healthcare Experiences commissioned by Philips*.

The report is full of digital healthcare insights but two points stood out to me:
  1. Empowered patients better manage their health
  2. Patients are more likely to use digital health if the data will be shared with their healthcare professional.
The positive experience for both professionals and patients is mounting up.
But we all have to work at it!

Philips more likely to use digital health technology or mobile health apps if HP recommended
(Images: Future Health Index 2019 Page 18)
Philips top reasons individuals would be more likely to use digital health

Is your practice PainTrain friendly?

I'm hearing from people living with pain and who would like to use PainTrain that they don't feel confident to email their private access link ahead of their appointments.

I'm also hearing from professionals — they feel patients need to take the reigns and it's not their place to recommend PainTrain.

How about we make it a little easier?

We thought to take some action!
  1. Encourage the use of PainTrain – My Health Summary through an Affiliate System
  2. Make a public list of professionals who welcome the use of PainTrain
At the very least, you need only partake in one of these actions – but why not be super clear and welcoming to patients and;
  1. Register as a PainTrain affiliate
  2. Let us know that your practice is willing to use PainTrain
Professionals and/or practices that are seen as willing to use PainTrain will be listed on the website — patients will need to know where to find their PainTrain friendly professional! We can even blast it on social media if you're happy for us to do so.

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In Other News

Nominated: 2019 Comp Laude® Award

This is our second award nomination!

PainTrain is beginning to be recognised around the world. We are excited that recognition includes various areas of health – now also workers compensation.

The Comp Laude Awards have been striving to change the narrative of workers' compensation since 2014.

Given PainTrain is a resource focused on improving the appointment system and to in turn aid the recovery process, we welcome our nomination into the workers' compensation area.

It is also an honour to be nominated by PhD student Michelle Manning Hutson who has great professional experience and interests within the workers' compensation.

Michelle's nomination was as follows:
"Soula has absolutely changed the narrative of Australian Worker's Compensation.
She has taken the rich Australian history of "keeping them honest" and visually documented her decade-long journey of recovery honestly, and for the benefit of injured workers and their treating practitioners.

MEDIA: Χρόνιος πόνος: η ύπουλη ασθένεια που κλέβει τη ζωή χιλιάδων ανθρώπων

Chronic pain: the treacherous disease that steals the lives of thousands

Neos Kosmos article Sep
(Excerpt from Neos Kosmos feature story, Chronic pain: the treacherous disease that steals the lives of thousands,
Πρόκειται για μια ψηφιακή πλατφόρμα καταγραφής του ατομικού ιστορικού των πασχόντων από χρόνιο πόνο έτσι ώστε να μην χρειάζεται κάθε φορά που επισκέπτονται τους διάφορους ειδικούς να επαναλαμβάνουν τις ίδιες πληροφορίες ξανά και ξανά κάτι που είναι τρομερά ψυχοφθόρο για τους ίδιους, όπως μας διαβεβαιώνει η Σούλα εξηγώντας μας πώς ξεκίνησε η ιδέα του Pain train.

It is a digital recording platform for chronic pain sufferers' personal history so that the person does not have to repeat the same information. It is traumatic, Soula assures us this is where the idea of ​​PainTrain began.

«Έχω ασχοληθεί πολύ με την υπεράσπιση των ατόμων που υποφέρουν από χρόνιο πόνο κυρίως επειδή δεν ήθελα κανείς να αισθανθεί τόσο χαμένος όσο εγώ όταν μπήκα σε αυτόν τον κόσμο του πόνου.

"I have been very involved in defending people who suffer from chronic pain mainly because I did not want anyone to feel as lost as I did when I entered this world.

Yes! I'm PainTrain friendly


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