Do You Have a Long Painful Story?


Leave the explanations to PainTrain and move on with your pain management!

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re on a runaway train when you have chronic pain. There are so many practitioners involved in your health care and so many appointments to remember.

Then other times it might feel like your train has come to a stop and no one is helping you. PainTrain puts you in the driver’s seat.

Think of it as Your Health CV


PainTrain is for you if you want to:

  • Explain your pain journey accurately without having to repeat yourself
  • Keep your information private, and only share it with people chosen by you
  • Make the most of your time with health care practitioners rather than having to answer an endless list of questions
  • Make sure your information is summarised properly and transferred to new health care practitioners quickly
  • Improve communication between your health care practitioners, family, carers and friends
  • Update your information on any device 24/7 and have it update immediately
  • Feel independent, confident and more in control of your health journey

Keep Updating That Information


You only have to document the information once!

Have you had any appointments recently? What else has happened? Take the pressure off and document the information now – it could be really useful information at your next appointment!

How about important documents? X-rays, health bills, medical reports – they can all be snapped with your device and uploaded in a couple of minutes. Select the date as you upload and let PainTrain create your timeline!

    It's your story, PainTrain builds and communicates your health summary.

    Not Sure Where to Start?

    View our 'How-to' Vimeos... or schedule a call with us – we'll help you!
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