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Happy New Year!
I wanted to personally write this email – it's the first email and Mood Map Monday for the year! I wanted to motivate you all!

There never is a time like a fresh new year to get yourself organised. So gather those files, gather that history and start making your PainTrain Health Summary.

You don't need to create your health summary all at once! Go slow.... remember, you only need to input your information once. That's just one more time to repeat those details and then they're filed, saved and available for you and your pain team (if you wish!) at every appointment.

It's Your First Mood Map Monday For 2020
Once you subscribe to PainTrain, it's simple to keep building your Mood Map and note your progress over time. Subscribers can either stay logged in on all devices or after logging in, allow the auto prompts to guide you.

Your Mood Map is important for providing an insight into your progress over time. My suggestion would be to update about once a month.

By time for your next appointment, your Mood Map will have generated a graph with details of:
— days/dates of when you were able/unable to exercise,
— days/dates of whether you were on/off medication and
— how you were feeling during those days/dates.


The Mood Map generated information (example shown above) is information you can also choose to share between appointments. Creating an access token for each professional is simple – and it's just as simple to revoke it if you no longer want to share the information with that particular professional.

To create access to your health summary/summaries, head to the Access Menu (top right after you login) and follow this vimeo.

Take care through 2020. And remember, you can drop me an email anytime!

xx Soula

Login in and update your Mood Map now.

Think of PainTrain as your health CV

Watch our vimeos to learn how to create your health summary and also view various ways to use PainTrain.
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