Scheduled Maintenance

It's been a busy few months for PainTrain and via valued feedback from registered users, we have amended one major aspect of PainTrain's menu.

The menu item 'Profile' has now been renamed 'Summary'. Afterall, a user's 'Profile' is their administrative information. View/edit their administrative information via the 'Edit' menu.

The health 'Summary' is where all user health summaries exist and can be viewed/edited.

See image below – the pointer shows the change:

That's it!

If you have anything that you would like to see implemented, we would love to hear it. And likewise if you need any information on how to use PainTrain, just email us and we'll send you specific, step by step instructions. Or, we can call you!

Scheduled time for maintenance

With the above change noted, please be advised of the maintenance period that will be required to make this change:

Monday, Australian Eastern Daylight time
(UTC/GMT +10)
between 12 noon – 1pm

If you think you will be in an appointment during this time and need access to your health summary/summaries, it would be a great idea to have a print out or pdf made to take with you or to have on your hand held device.

At a recent appointment, Soula's GP accessed Soula's health summary via a private access link which Soula had emailed prior to the appointment. Soula's GP exported Soula's health summary as a pdf and filed it in Soula's medical history. This way, the GP did not need internet access to view Soula's health summary during the appointment.

Soula and PainTrain at GPADD18

GPADD flyer

Soula's upcoming presentation at The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners' GPADD 2018 – Dealing with Addiction conference is on Saturday August 4th.

Soula's conference attendance has been featured in the RACGP June newsletter – Soula's in the spotlight!

PainTrain, along with Soula's other collated patient resources, will be presented and handed to 100 general practitioners. They are all eager to learn about new ways to help their patients manage chronic pain.

It is a huge honour for Soula to be invited. She will be presenting during a segment called, What a pain! Soula's pain specialist, Dr Nick Christelis will also be presenting.

What we love about this, is that it directly represents what research indicates about conquering the pain epidemic – it's going to take a revolution. It's going to take patients and professionals coming together to learn and inspire change on a mutual platform.

Pain Revolution Names PainTrain a 'Best Resource'

PainTrain has followed Pain Revolution very closely over the years and its this research with Soula's experience that has driven PainTrain.

We love having your support all the way Soula! Your voice is so needed and loved, and your work on PainTrain - My Health Summary is exceptional.
Pain Revolution

Pain Revolution's research and efforts are truly inspiring a revolution in the chronic pain field.

Pain Revolution understand the need for behaviour and attitude change because they see pain research first hand. Their endless efforts to educate the world, along with their findings are making a huge impact on professionals and this is now slowly filtering on to patients.

If you're already interested in PainTrain as a professional, or your are registered and using PainTrain then your enthusiasm is refining the way we do things and bringing on a better way to manage pain. You're a leader!

What other pain resources do Pain Revolution think are best?
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