Q: What is a PainTrain MHS Profile?

A: A profile is automatically created upon registration and prior to subscription payment. The profile contains contact details the subscriber enters when registering.

Q: What is a Health Summary?

A: A PainTrain health summary is only created after a valid subscription has been paid. The PainTrain health summary contains all the health issue information that a user enters. View an example here.

Q: Who can create a Health Summary?

A: Anyone is welcome to subscribe and create a health summary.

Q: I’m a health care professional, how can I refer a patient/patients?

A: Anyone can become a PainTrain MHS Affiliate. View the information here.

Q: Is PainTrain MHS available to everyone in the world?

A: Almost everyone. PainTrain MHS is available to most cyber safe countries with an internet connection. Subscriptions are paid via PayPal with a personal account or with credit card via PayPal in Australian dollars. The subscriber does not require a PayPal account to use their credit card to subscribe via PayPal.

Q: Who will be able to view the health summary?

A: The patient and their team will be able to view the health summary but only with the patient’s consent. Access to the patient’s health summary is actioned by the patient when they make and share an access token. The access token is controlled by the subscriber and can be revoked at anytime.

Anyone who the subscriber has shared an access token with can view the health summary for free. The health summaries are hidden and there is no option to publicise any health summary to the front end of the PainTrain MHS website.

Take a look at an example health summary here

Q: How can the health summary be viewed and when?

A: The health summary can be viewed on any device and any updates made by the subscriber are live 24/7

Q: How do I share my health summary?

A: After you create your health summary, navigate to the orange menu at the top of the browser window and select ‘Access’ and follow the prompts to create an ‘Access Token’. A subscriber can make various Access Tokens for various people/professionals.

If you change your mind at any time about any Access Token you create, you can retract/delete the Access Token/s. You can email the Access Token to share your health summary or print it out to mail or hand out.

A subscriber can also simply present their health summary via a hand-held device.

Q: What if I don’t want to share all the information in my health summary/summaries?

A: PainTrain MHS further allows privacy control within each information section should a subscriber not want to share the full details contained within the health summary/summaries.

Q: Who can make changes to the health summary?

A: Only subscribers can make changes to their own patient health summary.

Q: Is the information private?

A: Yes. Each health summary can only be accessed via the patient’s personal and secure login. A confidentiality agreement must be signed by all users upon registration.

Q: Will PainTrain MHS ever sell or share your information in any way or form?

A: Never. And if ever the situation arises where we feel privacy has been breached, all users will immediately be notified.

Q: Can a health summary be downloaded in order to be printed?

A: No. A downloadable PDF option is not available but the patient can print a hard copy or make their own pdf to print out.

Q: Does the patient need to pay to download or view the information?

A: No, there is no additional cost after subscription to the user. Unlimited health summaries can be made as well as unlimited access tokens.

Q: Can images such as MRIs, scans and x-rays be stored on a patient health summary?

A: Electronic files (such as PDF, jpg, png) can be uploaded and stored securely on the associated health summary but please read our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions first.

Q: Where do the patient files reside?

A: All files sit on a secure server. Only administrators can login to this area.

Q: How safe is my information from unauthorised access?

A: PainTrain MHS takes every precaution possible to protect this website and all the information within. However, like all information submitted on the internet, there are risks. Please read our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions before subscribing.

Q: What if I don’t renew my subscription?

A: PainTrain MHS doesn’t archive your personal health summary, therefore, the full health summary will be deleted after you have been notified.

Q: Who can I contact for troubleshooting?

A: You can email us directly: hello@pain-train.com.au

Q: I’d like my own version of PainTrain MHS

A: It’s possible! Read about customising PainTrain MHS here.