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Frequently asked questions

FAQ & current known issues

PainTrain can experience minor issues during website updates.

The website is attended to daily and most often any minor issues are sorted within a day.

We will record any known issues below but if you experience any other issues, or require more information about the known issues, please contact us so we can have our developers attend to it immediately or help you resolve the issue.

Current known issues

  1. Our bullet points are playing up. We’re onto it!
  2. When applying new developments to PainTrain the website may be unaccessible for a few minutes while the updates are being installed. Please save any lengthy edits as you go
  3. Does our website look strange? Hit your ‘refresh’ button and clear your browser cache!

Q: Who can create a new profile?

A: For now, patients, carers, and family members can subscribe to PainTrain and create a health summary. A multiple patient health summary subscription option exists for registered Health Care Professionals (HCPs) who are assisting patients/clients with pain related injuries. Access to each patient’s health summary requires a patient’s consent.

Q: Is PainTrain available to everyone in the world?

A: Yes, PainTrain is available to anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. Subscriptions are paid via PayPal with a personal account or with credit card in Australian dollars.

Q: Who will be able to view the health summary?

A: The patient and their team of HCPs will be able to view the health summary but only with the patient’s consent. HCPs can view the health summary for free. The health summaries are hidden, there is no option to publicise any health summary to the front end of the Pain Train website.

Q: How do I share my health summary?

A: After you create your health summary, navigate to the orange menu at the top of the browser window and select ‘Access’ and follow the prompts to create an ‘Access Token’. If you change your mind, you can retract/delete the access token.

Q: Who can make changes and add to the health summary?

A: Only subscribers can make changes to their own patient health summary.

Q: Is the information private?

A: Yes. Each health summary can only be accessed via the patient’s personal and secure login. A confidentiality agreement must be signed by all users upon registration.

Q: Will PainTrain ever sell or share your information in any way or form?

A: Never. And if ever the situation arises where we feel privacy has been breached, all users will immediately be notified.

Q: Can a health summary be downloaded in order to be printed?

A: No. A downloadable PDF option is not available but the patient can print a hard copy or make their own pdf. The subscriber can also email their own health summary.

Q: Does the patient need to pay to download or view the information?

A: No, there is no cost to the patient and they can download or print as they please.

Q: Can images such as MRIs, scans and x-rays be stored on a patient health summary?

A: Electronic files (such as PDF, jpg, png) can be uploaded and stored securely on the associated health summary but please read our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions first.

Q: Where do the patient files reside?

A: All files sit on a secure server. Only administrators can login to this area.

Q: How safe is my information from unauthorised access?

A: We are taking every precaution we can to protect this website however like all information submitted on the internet there are risks. Please read our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions before subscribing.

Q: Do I still need to see my HCP? Can I just send them my profile now?

A: Please talk to your HCP but we believe the consultation process itself plays a significant role in forming a therapeutic relationship.

Q: What if I don’t renew my subscription?

A: We don’t archive your personal health summary therefore the fullĀ health summary will be deleted.

Q: Who can I contact for troubleshooting?

A: You can email us direct via the contact page

Support or express your interest in PainTrain

As PainTrain gains momentum, we plan to extend the route.

We want to make the journey for people with chronic pain as comfortable as possible and have them arrive at the best possible destination.

To further hear our ideas, or to express yours, email destinations@pain-train.com.au