How PainTrain – My Health Summary helps health care practitioners

PainTrain – My Health Summary (PainTrainMHS) is a patient-developed, patient-owned health summary system, that assists with self-managed care. It puts chronic pain patients in the driver’s seat and helps them to couple together the different aspects of their health journey.

PainTrainMHS has a ready-made questionnaire that prompts patients to enter detailed information into the system and upload their health summary. Patients can customise this questionnaire to ensure the information entered properly explains their pain experience.

PainTrainMHS is for your patients if you would like to:

  • Minimise the amount of time it takes to gather a patient history and ongoing updates. The graphical summary page on PainTrain has been designed to give you the same amount of information in a couple of minutes as a 45-minute patient consultation.
  • Gain an accurate understanding of the patient and their health condition, which can be difficult to do in a consulting room when the patient may be feeling overwhelmed, in pain and unable to remember all the details you require.
  • Help your patients take a positive approach to managing their pain and minimise catastrophising.
  • Empower your patients to take responsibility for their health journey.
  • Ensure your patients’ care is better coordinated.
  • Receive a medical and health summary quickly.
  • Have access to patient health summaries 24/7 on any device with live updates.

PainTrainMHS helps patients summarise and explain:

  • The location of their pain using a body map, including the type of pain sensation i.e. dull ache
  • What makes the pain worse, what makes it better, what they believe triggered the pain and when
  • Any diagnosis they’ve received
  • Health care practitioners seen, treatments, operations, xrays and other imaging using a timeline and upload function
  • Whether or not they have health insurance
  • Medications they have tried, reactions/allergies, any medication they are currently taking
  • Their mood and type of pain at different times of the day
  • Their pain pattern throughout the day using a graph
  • Their mood over time detailing when they are and aren’t on medication
  • How the pain has affected their life and wellbeing in general
  • What they can and can’t do with chronic pain
  • What support they do and don’t have
  • Their life before the pain
  • Anything else they want to add using the diary function


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