Would you like to join me in driving behaviour change for pain management?

Do you have the inspiration, vision and energy to join me in progressing PainTrain in order to help health care practitioners and patients to communicate more easily?

I’ve been driving the train for five years now. My aim was to show the chronic pain world that there is a more effective way for health care practitioners and patients to communicate.

I felt there was a more effective way to communication prior to a first appointment, between appointments and during appointments.

PainTrain – My Health Summary stemmed from my personal experience of trying to navigate endless appointments while living with chronic pain.

I felt very strongly about the trauma patients endure when having to repeat and remember important personal details relating to their pain management. 

I felt strongly about being understood and respected during appointments. I wanted my pain management team to know more about me as a person and that I had a career and other interests. I felt this was important if they were going to be able to help me.

It was also essential that the health care practitioners I saw knew I had made extensive efforts toward my pain management – letters of recommendation by my GPs never quite hit the spot.

Needless to say, I didn’t want to waste funds I didn’t have on the first two appointments – sometimes three that it took to really feel understood by a health care practitioner.

Being understood by my pain management team is essential to me.  It is essential for all people living with chronic pain and for all health care practitioners too!

There are a bunch more reasons why being understood is essential:

Essential reasons for people living with pain
Essential reasons for health care practitioners treating people living with pain

What PainTrain Needs:

— People interested in pushing new forms of pain management through the health system
— Funds for development, advertising and medical introductions
— Passionate and experienced advisors
— People willing to hit the road and do a PainTrain brag
— To hear your ideas!

Documentation available:

— PainTrain Business Plan and next stage Proposal
— User testing work in progress document
— A critical literature review document
— Information about cloning PainTrain for your organisation

Be my PainTrain Partner

To partner with me or support PainTrain, please email me directly: soula@pain-train.com.au
Anyone seeking data about PainTrain users need not bother making contact – that’s private!