Pain Specialists Australia: Let’s Talk About Pelvic Pain

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In conjunction with Ramsay Health Care, Pain Specialists Australia would like to invite you to a free webinar on pelvic pain. Pelvic pain is a complex condition that is not often discussed, although it can affect up to 1 in 5 women and 1 in 12 men during their lifetime and can significantly impact quality of life. Join Pain Specialists Australia to hear from a multi-disciplinary team of experts experienced in pelvic pain [...]

Talking HealthTech: Soula in the Hot Seat With Pete

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Soula joined pain organisations, forums and online groups and has told her story in the media and at conferences to help with pain management training and the establishment of great connections through her advocacy website But! Soula doesn't want to just keep repeating her story; our founder likes to inspire change! "I wanted to join a community that grasped creative communication, design and ideation relating to health. I wanted to be with conceptualists where ideas are produced and not measured (data, data, data… boring!)." In her attempts to implement PainTrain MHS formally into the healthcare industry, she found herself bumping into the Health Tech communities more and more. This is a world of movers and shakers, and one such community is Talking Healthtech (THT). THT was founded by Peter Birch. Peter worked in management roles in healthcare organisations for over 15 years; big ones and small ones, innovative startups and slow-moving beasts; he's seen all different kinds. Pete has experienced the exciting developments and the frustrating stagnation of all the ups and downs in health.

Team PainTrain MHS Raise Over $1,200 for Research

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Thank you From all of us at Team PainTrain MHS we thank you for helping us raise more than our set target of $1,000. Chronic pain research in rural areas will receive a total contribution of $1,236 from Team PainTrain MHS towards an overall total of $76,186. Mandy Mercuri, Deb Thompson, Soula & Theo Mantalvanos walked 281kms – well beyond their anticipated goal and we loved every minute of it. Money you raise as part of Pain [...]

Pain Revolution Fundraiser… Firing Canons

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Team PainTrain MHS doing great for the Pain Revolution fundraiser. There's still time to join us and/or donate.  That's me (Soula, founder of PainTrain MHS) and Theo (my partner) with our dog Olive in the photo. I live in a small regional seaside town in Victoria. It's rare that I don't get out for a walk now and I remove the pressure by telling myself to do what I can every day. Some days it's two walks, [...]

Bronwyn Thompson, PhD, MSc (Psych): Making the First Contact

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There's so much to love about Bronwyn's work. As a resource that is so heavily focused on the identity and experience of the person living with chronic pain, PainTrain My Health Summary believe the approaches explained by Bronwyn is key to successfully helping people manage their complex journeys. A patient's introduction to a new practitioner is a stressful time and one that requires clear communication and empathy. A PainTrain health summary works as an exceptional aid to this scenario. Empowering patients by listening and grasping their experiences as well as accepting them without judgment should be step one in the management of chronic pain. Thank you Bronnie!

Book a Call / Video Consult

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As health tech creeps up in the medical industry, it's becoming clearer healthcare's direction is changing and PainTrain MHS are thrilled that people are finally being placed in the driver's seat. Patients: have you thought about trying to enhance your voice at appointments? Have you wanted to tell your story your way and elaborate on the version your General Practitioner writes in the referral letter? Do you feel unheard during ongoing appointments and that no one truly understands [...]

Pain Revolution Fundraiser: Go the Distance

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It’s that time again… pain research fundraising time! As you all probably know, I’m a fan – a huge one of Pain Revolution’s fundraisers! It certainly is important to gather funds for research but equally important is the media and attention that chronic pain can attract through events such as these – will you join me? You can, it’s easy this year! Last year, Queenscliff Gallery in conjunction with the divine Michael Leunig [...]

Pain Management Network: Communicating & building your healthcare team

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Living with a chronic condition means that you will have a different role with your healthcare providers than you would have if you had a short-term illness. Your role in managing your condition will be a more pro-active one where you will be involved in making decisions about many things that affect you, your healthcare management, your family, and your lifestyle.

PainTrainMHS: Patient-Controlled InformationSharing Instrument

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Isn't that a great description for PainTrain – My Health Summary (PainTrainMHS)?! They are the words of Dr Paul Grinzi, Medical Educator, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Murray City County Coast GP Training. The full statement is: In my role, I often am involved with teaching doctors about the management of pain, particularly chronic pain. I wish to recognise the importance of the work done by founder, Soula Mantalvanos, in the development of PainTrain. PainTrain supports people who live with ongoing complex pain by providing a resource for a more supportive appointment approach, and I have found PainTrain to be a valuable patient-controlled information sharing instrument that facilitates the patient-doctor relationship, which is so important in the long term management of pain. I have personally viewed a patient summary and personal appointment notes as part of some pain education workshops. Pain Train was easy to grasp a detailed understanding of the patient’s experience and know what the patient was expecting from the appointment by viewing their personal notes. It facilitated the understanding of the patient narrative by doctors who have undertaken educational in pain management.

Soula’s Pain Management Video Resources

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A video library is forming on! Soula's advocacy has transformed into video conversations with some of the people who have made a significant impact in her pain management and/or who have inspired Soula in some way. It's one thing for Soula to present her thoughts about these people but quite another to hear them explain their point of view. Soula presents chats with Theo Mantalvanos on being a 'carer', she reunites with her diagnosing physiotherapist Anne-Florence Plante (now working in Marsais, France) who shares her wealth of knowledge specifically on what pain is and the role of trauma. Deb Thompson – a creative kindred spirit who lives with pain gives her perspective of what it's like living with pain and communicating it. We also learn about the Alexander Technique from Maddy Lock who worked with Soula during one of Soula's toughest pain years, Amy Eicher talks about pain coaching and Soula presents a couple of videos about her daily life.