PainTrain: 2019 Pain Revolution Ambassadors

Pain is relevant to all of us.
This research is relevant to the world.
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Australia is fortunate to have some pretty incredible people who gain (and deserve!) global attention for the work they do.

We’re not talking a little ‘inspo’ here, we’re talking about people who are leading Australia with their research. The kind of team that every country is watching.

Well, PainTrain holds one such incredible team in very high regard.

They are the UniSA and they’re aiming for a Pain Revolution. PainTrain are in huge support of the idea as we were last year in 2018 when we raised over $800. Continue reading “PainTrain: 2019 Pain Revolution Ambassadors”

How Soula Uses PainTrain Through A New Treatment Trial

Resorting to PainTrain through her spinal cord stimulation trial, Soula wanted to predominately keep her history together and to also document the information once, storing it in a safe place.

The spinal stimulation trial

Soula is currently receiving some new treatment after her sacral stimulation implant became problematic and stopped providing pain relief.

Although Soula created PainTrain expecting it to be a supportive and functional tool for people living with chronic pain, it still seems to pleasantly surprise her in new situations. 

Resorting to PainTrain through her spinal cord stimulation trial, Soula wanted to predominately keep her history together and to also document the information once, storing it in a safe place.

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My Health Record vs PainTrain – My Health Summary

Um, actually, they aren’t in competition. They are two very different online resources.

Actually, My Health Record and PainTrain aren’t in competition. They are two very different online resources.

There’s no turning a blind eye or choosing to stay away from this technology change as it is affecting you right now and there is a decision you need to make within three months about your autogenerated account on My Health Record.

Are you staying in or opting out?

I opted out. Continue reading “My Health Record vs PainTrain – My Health Summary”

PainTrain Through to Stage 1 of the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards

We are thrilled that PainTrain – My Health Summary has been shortlisted for a significant Australian design award.

Established by the Victorian Government in 1996 as the Victorian Design Awards, the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards recognise and reward Victorian designers and businesses that display excellence in the way they use design.

The awards provide an opportunity for businesses and the community to better understand the role of design in making products, services, spaces and experiences more functional, safe, efficient and attractive. The awards also help raise awareness of the impact design can have on productivity and business outcomes and the role it plays in helping to shape a better environment and society.

We will certainly keep you posted!

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Royal Australian College of GP’s news – Soula’s in it!

Soula is an event in the spotlight. GP’s, we hope to see you at GPADD18
(Article from RACGP June newsletter)

Events in the spotlight
GPADD18 Conference: Saturday and Sunday 4–5 August 2018

Soula -01sm

The RACGP Victoria Drug and Alcohol Committee invite you to attend the 2018 conference, GPADD18 – Dealing with Addiction. This conference will address some of the most common addictions and associated conditions that are presented to GPs in their daily practice, including chronic pain, motivational interviewing, hepatitis C and pharmacotherapy. Continue reading “Royal Australian College of GP’s news – Soula’s in it!”

Using PainTrain This Week With My GP

(Posted by Soula, 16 June 2018)

I had a GP appointment yesterday.

I updated my PainTrain health summary and emailed my private access link to the medical centre so they could forward it to my doctor.

On the way in, I remembered that I needed to check if my pain specialist’s referral was out of date. So,I added the reminder quickly by logging into PainTrain on my phone.

As you can see, I have a little shoulder pain issue.

Two minutes into the appointment my doctor asked, ‘What’s going on with your shoulder?’ – I hadn’t said anything about this latest issue yet! 

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Soula Presenting at GPADD18 – Dealing with Addiction Conference

In the upcoming GPADD18 conference, Soula will draw on her communication skills as well as her 11 year patient experience and talk about chronic pain’s perception, and also present her pain management resources.

Using her personal chronic pain experience and her creative skills as an artist and graphic designer, Soula created where she documents her experience and collates her findings about the condition.

Soula has come to realise that the key to living with ― and overcoming ―  chronic pain is accepting it and taking responsibility for its management. She also found that having to retell and update her story to a range of professionals was time consuming, tedious, and often traumatic and so founded PainTrain – My Health Summary. Continue reading “Soula Presenting at GPADD18 – Dealing with Addiction Conference”

Repost from Soula: I Turned a Corner

(Original post on Soula’s blog, I Turned a Corner)

Theo and I continue to establish our new life in Queenscliff and are enjoying the many wonderful new aspects of our new lifestyle. We’re also learning to manage the sacrifices.

It makes me feel I’ve turned a corner.

Home, then

A couple of weeks ago, I actually did turn a corner.

After staying in Melbourne for a special family lunch, during the evening we also managed to catch up with old friends on our old pavement.

I kind of felt a little emotional pang when I turned into the city end of Gertrude Street and saw the magnolias enjoying the Autumn evening light and the little drizzle that was beginning.

Very steadily pacing my drinks, the night saw us hop around our old favorite spots.

The life turn happened when I stepped out of the Everleigh and instead of turning right to head ‘home’, Theo and I turned left to head to a city hotel. We were going to sleep at this hotel, wake up in the morning and return to Queenscliff. Theo had to work… Sunday.

I don’t often have overwhelming emotional moments. I really deal with life’s activities quite well. I mean, who would I think I was expecting a perfect life run, right? ‘Suck it up!’

But this was one of those overwhelming emotional moments and it was damn hard. I knew what it was. I recognised it as the overdue moment when I finally comprehended life had moved us on… away from ‘home’.

It finally caught up with me.

I lapped up every step away from my previous home as the rain fell on/off and the concrete took in all the glittery, yellow, autumn Melbourne evening lights. I bid abiento to each magnolia as I walked up the street. I also lapped up the arms that were around me and the huge hug that Theo and I stopped to have to mark our moment.

Home, now Continue reading “Repost from Soula: I Turned a Corner”

PainTrain and the Pain Revolution fundraiser

We’re thrilled to announce that with the donations of some special few people, PainTrain raised $824.64 of their $1,000 goal!

Pain Revolution’s goal was $80,000 and together with PainTrain, 33 other fundraisers raised $76,925 of that goal!

For full details about the Ride for Pain visit the Pain Revolution website

To get us to our goal (it’s not too late!), please visit the Everyday Hero campaign.


User Experience (UX) Research

User Experience is a hot topic right now in the digital health world and so the PainTrain team are hot onto it.

Thank you to Irith Williams who leads PainTrain through this process and also to Lissanthea Taylor for introducing us to her incredibly resourceful friend!

Who better than to begin the UX process than our founder, Soula, who initially had to map out her patient journey (pictured above) before delving into a very cathartic process with sticky notes. Continue reading “User Experience (UX) Research”