PainTrain’s 2019 Comp Laude® Nomination

PainTrain is thrilled to be nominated for the 2019 Comp Laude® Awards.

PainTrain is thrilled to be nominated for the 2019 Comp Laude® Awards.

This is our second nomination for an award. 

PainTrain is beginning to be recognised around the world. We are excited that recognition includes various areas of health – now also workers compensation.

The Comp Laude Awards have been striving to change the narrative of workers’ compensation since 2014.

Given PainTrain is a resource focused on improving the appointment system and to in turn aid the recovery process, we welcome our nomination into the workers’ compensation area. 

It is also an honour to be nominated by PhD student Michelle Manning Hutson who has great professional experience and interests within the workers’ compensation. Continue reading “PainTrain’s 2019 Comp Laude® Nomination”

My Health Record vs PainTrain – My Health Summary

Um, actually, they aren’t in competition. They are two very different online resources.

Actually, My Health Record and PainTrain aren’t in competition. They are two very different online resources.

There’s no turning a blind eye or choosing to stay away from this technology change as it is affecting you right now and there is a decision you need to make within three months about your autogenerated account on My Health Record.

Are you staying in or opting out?

I opted out. Continue reading “My Health Record vs PainTrain – My Health Summary”

Repost from Soula: I Turned a Corner

(Original post on Soula’s blog, I Turned a Corner)

Theo and I continue to establish our new life in Queenscliff and are enjoying the many wonderful new aspects of our new lifestyle. We’re also learning to manage the sacrifices.

It makes me feel I’ve turned a corner.

Home, then

A couple of weeks ago, I actually did turn a corner.

After staying in Melbourne for a special family lunch, during the evening we also managed to catch up with old friends on our old pavement.

I kind of felt a little emotional pang when I turned into the city end of Gertrude Street and saw the magnolias enjoying the Autumn evening light and the little drizzle that was beginning.

Very steadily pacing my drinks, the night saw us hop around our old favorite spots.

The life turn happened when I stepped out of the Everleigh and instead of turning right to head ‘home’, Theo and I turned left to head to a city hotel. We were going to sleep at this hotel, wake up in the morning and return to Queenscliff. Theo had to work… Sunday.

I don’t often have overwhelming emotional moments. I really deal with life’s activities quite well. I mean, who would I think I was expecting a perfect life run, right? ‘Suck it up!’

But this was one of those overwhelming emotional moments and it was damn hard. I knew what it was. I recognised it as the overdue moment when I finally comprehended life had moved us on… away from ‘home’.

It finally caught up with me.

I lapped up every step away from my previous home as the rain fell on/off and the concrete took in all the glittery, yellow, autumn Melbourne evening lights. I bid abiento to each magnolia as I walked up the street. I also lapped up the arms that were around me and the huge hug that Theo and I stopped to have to mark our moment.

Home, now Continue reading “Repost from Soula: I Turned a Corner”

Pain Train – think of it as a patient CV

Pain Train – think of it as a patient CV

Judging by my own measures (hope you don’t mind me taking a stab here), whether you’re a professional or a patient you wouldn’t be thinking that it’s up to you to invite this new Pain Train language into your relationship. 

Would I be right?

You all know my Pain Train scenario – I instigated the use of it in my own pain management and Dr Christelis agrees that it was my job to do that. 

I’ll be honest, I don’t really mind which way Pain Train found its way into my pain management because the point of pain management is to try everything until you find something that works. 

Pain management, in my experience (and referring to a few of my own measures again) works when a professional and a patient are both active in the search and trial of options. From there, the patient explores some of the options (if not all!) that they feel might be of benefit to them.

Having used Pain Train for a while now and following all the online health record information, I’ve realised Pain Train is actually not a health record resource at all. It’s really a kind of Curriculum Vitae (CV), something a little more personal – thus the new tag line: Continue reading “Pain Train – think of it as a patient CV”

How Our Founder Used PT at her Recent Appointment

(By Soula on, My Recent Follow up Appointment)

I’ve had loads of information to process after my recent appointment with pain specialist, Dr Nick Christelis.

To prevent you all from zoning out (and my backside from having a fit), how about I spread my pain management report out a little?

If you’re in a kind of ‘I can’t be bothered, I’m over it’ and ‘don’t want to hear any recommendations or my brain will burst’ state then here’s a special post for you – Diagnosis: A Can of Worms.

And if you didn’t read how I prepared for my appointment please do so here because I’m about to reflect on it: Upcoming Appointment with my Pain Specialist

I’ll also be back to report on how I am going a few months down the track – sooner if something miraculous happens. Continue reading “How Our Founder Used PT at her Recent Appointment”