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Soula’s Pain Management Video Resources

2021-03-27T13:14:14+11:00March 27th, 2021|Blog, Pain Management|

A video library is forming on pudendalnerve.com.au! Soula's advocacy has transformed into video conversations with some of the people who have made a significant impact in her pain management and/or who have inspired Soula in some way. It's one thing for Soula to present her thoughts about these people but quite another to hear them explain their point of view. Soula presents chats with Theo Mantalvanos on being a 'carer', she reunites with her diagnosing physiotherapist Anne-Florence Plante (now working in Marsais, France) who shares her wealth of knowledge specifically on what pain is and the role of trauma. Deb Thompson – a creative kindred spirit who lives with pain gives her perspective of what it's like living with pain and communicating it. We also learn about the Alexander Technique from Maddy Lock who worked with Soula during one of Soula's toughest pain years, Amy Eicher talks about pain coaching and Soula presents a couple of videos about her daily life. 

The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre

2021-04-08T12:18:59+10:00March 8th, 2019|Blog, Pain Management|

Chronic pain resources A summary of online and accessible initiatives and resources Purpose of this resource This resource aims to improve awareness among Primary Health Networks (PHNs) of current online and accessible chronic pain initiatives and resources relevant to primary care in Australia. The information in this resource may be used by PHNs: • [...]

How Our Founder Used PT at her Recent Appointment

2019-08-04T14:53:06+10:00November 25th, 2017|Blog, Pain Management|

(By Soula on pudendalnerve.com.au, My Recent Follow up Appointment) I’ve had loads of information to process after my recent appointment with pain specialist, Dr Nick Christelis. To prevent you all from zoning out (and my backside from having a fit), how about I spread my pain management report out a little? If you’re in a [...]

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