PainTrain: 2019 Pain Revolution Ambassadors

Pain is relevant to all of us.
This research is relevant to the world.
Please, help with the Pain Revolution fundraiser by donating.

Australia is fortunate to have some pretty incredible people who gain (and deserve!) global attention for the work they do.

We’re not talking a little ‘inspo’ here, we’re talking about people who are leading Australia with their research. The kind of team that every country is watching.

Well, PainTrain holds one such incredible team in very high regard.

They are the UniSA and they’re aiming for a Pain Revolution. PainTrain are in huge support of the idea as we were last year in 2018 when we raised over $800. Continue reading “PainTrain: 2019 Pain Revolution Ambassadors”

PainTrain and the Pain Revolution fundraiser

We’re thrilled to announce that with the donations of some special few people, PainTrain raised $824.64 of their $1,000 goal!

Pain Revolution’s goal was $80,000 and together with PainTrain, 33 other fundraisers raised $76,925 of that goal!

For full details about the Ride for Pain visit the Pain Revolution website

To get us to our goal (it’s not too late!), please visit the Everyday Hero campaign.


User Experience (UX) Research

User Experience is a hot topic right now in the digital health world and so the PainTrain team are hot onto it.

Thank you to Irith Williams who leads PainTrain through this process and also to Lissanthea Taylor for introducing us to her incredibly resourceful friend!

Who better than to begin the UX process than our founder, Soula, who initially had to map out her patient journey (pictured above) before delving into a very cathartic process with sticky notes. Continue reading “User Experience (UX) Research”

Pain Train: An Ambassador for the Pain Revolution 2018

Pain Train: Ambassador for the Pain Revolution 2018

(Soula Mantalvanos Jan 19, 2018


(Cut to the chase, I want to support the Pain Revolution 2018!!!)

I’ve got a soft spot for Professor Lorimer Moseley.

In Feb 2011 I had just had the peripheral stimulation implant op and was slowly emerging from my darkest days.

Alone at home while Theo started a new full time job and staring at our shut down graphic design business I was still unable to do very much at all but I listened to the radio and that was where I first heard Lorimer speaking. He was on Margaret Throsby’s show on ABC Classic FM.

I heard Lorimer explain chronic pain and the brain before coming to the conclusion that he was mad and switching off the radio.

I was angry that this professional was saying that my brain was really good at learning bad things and that my brain did that in the same way – and as well as it could learn good things.

As we now know, Lorimer was right and I’m still angry… but angry at my brain! Continue reading “Pain Train: An Ambassador for the Pain Revolution 2018”

Chugging Around the Globe

I’ve met some exceptional people online who have helped educate me about chronic pain and helped with my pain management.

I don’t hesitate to write and connect with people but only if I have a question that I haven’t been able to find the answer for. I am conscious of their time.

I also make contact if I think that I may have some information that could help others with chronic pain and I can’t manage the communication from my patient voice – I reach out to the pros.

Lissanthea Taylor recently wrote a 4 part blog, Calls to Collaborative Care that was published on – it was written in my patient language.

Soon after, I saw Lissanthea comment on My Cuppa Jo’s (Joletta Belton)’s FB page (another dear exceptional person whom I met online). Continue reading “Chugging Around the Globe”

Takes more than an app to explain pain

Body in Mind posted this excellent research from Marina Pinheiro and Gustavo Machado about the abundant health apps out there; What App is Good for My Back?

Pulse+IT also recently posted their story, There’s a bad app for That.

There are various purposes health apps are made. From where I’m standing, my app was never a promise to solve a health problem – that’s impossible.

I’ve been asked many times why Pain Train isn’t available as an app. Pain Train currently is fully functional as a website on any desktop or hand-held device.

The two main agendas of Pain Train, are: Continue reading “Takes more than an app to explain pain”

Tame the Beast

We couldn’t resist sharing this humorous but realistic animation about chronic pain.

Professor Lorimer Moseley has played a key role in our founder’s pain management. But what we love most about this animation, is the simple way in which it communicates the monstrous chronic pain experience – we agree, it is a beast! Continue reading “Tame the Beast”

This Train is Bound For… Wholeville: A Travel Guide for the Perplexed

Conceived and written by John Quintner and Melanie Galbraith for Arthritis and Osteoporosis WA as our contribution to the Consumer Education Sub-group, WA Pain Health.

So you have decided to board our train. We are pleased to offer you some advice along the way to help make your long journey more informative and understandable.

Here is the route this train will take. Continue reading “This Train is Bound For… Wholeville: A Travel Guide for the Perplexed”