PainTrain – My Health Summary experiences minor issues during website and software updates.

The website is attended to daily and most often any minor issues are sorted within a day but some issues can take a little longer to fix – please be patient with us, we are a small team.

We will record any known issues below. If you experience any issues not outlined below or require more information about the known issues, please contact us so we can attend to it immediately or help you resolve the issue.

Current known issues and developments

  1. When first making a health summary we recommend using a tablet or device with larger screen
  2. When applying new developments to PainTrain the website may be inaccessible for a few minutes while the updates are being installed. Please save any lengthy edits as you go.
  3. The website has just been restored. It is important you check your health summary and report any problems.
  4. Does our website look strange? Hit your ‘refresh’ button and clear your browser cookies/cache. Caching is a great way to speed up websites, however, this can also cause problems with updates. You could be seeing a website your browser ‘remembers’. Please, read browser caching here.