Pro PainTrain

PainTrain was founded and developed by Soula Mantalvanos, with her husband Theo, after she developed chronic pain following an accident.

Five years later, Pro PainTrain takes off from PainTrain’s destination extending the resource and offering it as a customisable pain management solution for all healthcare practitioners. We understand that different health issues require different services and Pro PainTrain developers can meet those criteria by working together.

Add your corporate identity and your healthcare experience to our framework. Manage patient ‘check-in’ and future surveys and questionnaires so the information is delivered straight to your desk. Pro PainTrain can be customised to any specifications and work independently – you can host on your web servers or we can manage it for you. Either way, it’s your private system.

Put the patient experience – first!

PainTrain is different from other online medical record systems because it’s patient-developed and patient-owned.

Patients are eager for digital and telehealth resources. Empower them by streamlining communication and offering digital!

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View example questionnaires:

McGill Pain Questionnaire
Sample Summary
Live Sample