How did PainTrain originate?

{pain}train logoIt’s true that each of our pain journeys are unique. I must have been asked the following questions at least a gazillion times during my own pain journey:

How did the chronic pain begin, what investigations have you had, did you bring any reports with you, what kind of pain treatments have you tried, how long have you had chronic pain, which Health Care Professionals (HCPs) have you seen, have you taken any pain medication…?

And, I will never forget struggling to answer. That is if I was able to answer due to my fatigue, extreme pain levels, or dulling effects due to pain medication.

So how can a HCP begin to gather the best possible understand of each of their patients unique pain journeys? And how do patients navigate their search for diagnosis and treatment as best they can?pt-journey

In no way is {Pain}Train an assessment tool. As all HCPs know the consultation process itself is of major importance in forming a therapeutic relationship. {Pain}Train is here to help the patient with communication and to document their journey. {Pain}Train creates a private profile that is accessible 24/7 with patient permission.

With {Pain}Train, HCPs will be able to:

  • access the patient’s pain related journey as the patient expresses it
  • gain a snapshot of the patient’s journey and their unique experience
  • gather an accurate understanding of the patient’s pain experience
  • view associated HCP’s appointments on the patient’s profile
  • (with patient permission) easily share patient profiles with other HCPs

With {Pain}Train, patients have:

  • help communicating their pain journey without having to repeat themselves
  • access to their pain journey on any computer or hand held device 24/7, and ability to share this information with whomever they wish
  • help to make the most of their time with HCPs making appointments as efficient as possible
  • ability to communicate their personal information accurately
  • more confidence when meeting new HCPs


If you are a patient, subscribe here and begin creating your profile for FREE for 1 month. At the end of your trial period you will be prompted to pay the annual subscription fee of $29AUD. If you do not pay this subscription fee your profile will be deleted.


Finally, a very huge thank you to those who have worked tirelessly on this idea and everyone who provided the much needed feedback.

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