How Soula Uses PainTrain Through A New Treatment Trial

The spinal stimulation trial

Soula is currently receiving some new treatment after her sacral stimulation implant became problematic and stopped providing pain relief.

Although Soula created PainTrain expecting it to be a supportive and functional tool for people living with chronic pain, it still seems to pleasantly surprise her in new situations. 

Resorting to PainTrain through her spinal cord stimulation trial, Soula wanted to predominately keep her history together and to also document the information once, storing it in a safe place.

Soula’s second aim for using PainTrain was obviously to communicate with her specialist (and anyone else if necessary in future).

In this vimeo, Soula shows us how she is progressing through the new spinal cord treatment trial.

Soula will continue to document and communicate her experience in this way over the next few months.

Stand by and learn how you can also use multiple health summaries to make a personal pain CV that will show your progress over time and keep you in touch with your pain specialist 24/7.

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