The McGill Pain Questionnaire

Are your patient questionnaires online? Are you able to receive patient information straight to the reception desk via email?

Below is an example of what could be produced online for your patients. Have them complete questionnaires on their handheld devices anytime, anywhere and then emailed straight to your admin team.

What Does Your Pain Feel Like?

Statement: Some of the following words below describe your present pain. Select ONLY those words that best describe it. Leave out any category that is not suitable. Use only a single word in each appropriate category – the one that applies best.

Which word or words would you use to describe the pattern of your pain?

How Strong is Your Pain?

Statement: People agree that the following 5 words (mild discomforting distressing horrible excruciating) represent pain of increasing intensity. To answer each question below select the most appropriate word in the space beside the question.

Do the following items increase or decrease your pain?

Overview: The McGill Pain Questionnaire can be used to evaluate a person experiencing significant pain. It can be used to monitor the pain over time and to determine the effectiveness of any intervention. It was developed at by Dr. Melzack at McGill University in Montreal Canada and has been translated into several languages.


• minimum pain score: 0 (would not be seen in a person with true pain)
• maximum pain score: 78
• The higher the pain score the greater the pain.


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