PainTrain – My Health Summary Our Journey Comes to an End

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UPDATE: March 27, 2020. After our announcement, we have had expressions of interest for support. Standby, we may well be back on the track!

ANNOUNCEMENT: PainTrain – My Health Summary Journey Comes to an End

An official statement from founder, Soula Mantalvanos:

It is regrettable that I am forced to announce that my dear PainTrain has hit problematic tracks – mostly relating to low motivation for behaviour change within health and also my own limited resources.

Efforts to connect with professional practices and organisations as well as a response from a recent campaign which called for a ‘PT Partner’, were unsuccessful.

What our small team heard most from people who were eager to embrace PainTrain:

  • Patients believed their healthcare professional would not be keen for them to use PainTrain, they were not confident enough to instigate
  • Healthcare professionals expected patients to instigate the use of PainTrain but also preferred to use their current pain management communication systems

Our small team were unable to complete User Experience Testing and attract a grant for further work that could have given us the much needed scientific data required to gain the confidence of the professional health industry. 

For these and a few other reasons, we will not be able to continue development of the resource. With the COVID19 state of the world, I feel it would be inappropriate for us to campaign longer.

The nature of the resource and the platform where PainTrain functions, requires regular updates, upgrades, developer work as well as website hosting, domain names etc.

I have mostly funded the process myself in hope of it becoming self-sustaining but that hasn’t happened and I am unable to fund it further.

My thoughts are with users who shared my vision for organisation and communication within pain management. My mind is also on future appointments – I dread the thought of having to repeat myself.

I apologise that PainTrain didn’t make it off the startup ground. Certainly, the experience was brilliant and I feel much was still achieved.

Thank you for following and supporting the resource.

Should you have any questions or concerns, or should you now like a customised independent version of PainTrain for your practice, don’t hesitate to contact me directly on

Keep well. Again, thank you for following.

Soula Mantalvanos
Founder PainTrain – My Health Summary      

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