One thing to be sure of when it comes to pain is its ability to unite people – people that may have never met otherwise.

Soula’s fundraising efforts have always included Pain Revolution. In addition to believing that Pain Revolution’s approach to sharing contemporary pain science and building capacity is crucial in how we approach pain care, Pain Revolution also believes in Soula.

We all need to stick together.

Together, we unite our missions, connections and resources in the hope of making a greater impact. 

So Soula and Pain Revolution’s Trevor Barker had an idea this year to invite Michael Leunig, Australian cartoonist, poet and cultural commentator, to join them and put a little more creative spin on this year’s Rural Outreach Tour fundraiser.

Michael Leunig is represented at Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) – a gallery Soula and Theo established in a life transition to better manage chronic pain. 

Through QG&W, both Soula and Theo were able to expand their artists’ friendships and one of those friendships was with Michael Leunig.

We’re going to tease you today with a quick snap (above) of Soula and Trevor standing in the gallery in front of the current exhibition of works by Michael Leunig (as part of the Wonderment exhibition at QG&W).

We’re also going to suggest that you keep an eye on our media for the chance to participate in this year’s Rural Outreach Tour fundraiser by purchasing an original etching by Michael Leunig printed by Theo in a special Pain Revolution themed colour. 

The limited-edition etching will be available for purchase through QG&W with all gallery profits going directly to Pain Revolution.

We’re all excited!

So stand by, follow us on twitter, insta or facebook. Or if you’re super eager and want to make sure you get your hands on an etching – as they will be a limited edition and most likely sell out, pop the gallery an email: so you are notified.

What is a limited edition? It’s an original hand-printed artwork from the artist’s matrix (not to be confused with a digital/offset print which is a reproduction). 
View Michael Leunig etchings