PainTrain is thrilled to be nominated for the 2019 Comp Laude® Awards.

This is our second nomination for an award.

PainTrain is beginning to be recognised around the world. We are excited that recognition includes various areas of health – now also workers compensation.

The Comp Laude Awards have been striving to change the narrative of workers’ compensation since 2014.

Given PainTrain is a resource focused on improving the appointment system and to in turn aid the recovery process, we welcome our nomination into the workers’ compensation area.

It is also an honour to be nominated by PhD student Michelle Manning Hutson who has great professional experience and interests within the workers’ compensation.

Michelle’s nomination was as follows:

“Soula has absolutely changed the narrative of Australian Worker’s Compensation.

She has taken the rich Australian history of “keeping them honest” and visually documented her decade-long journey of recovery honestly, and for the benefit of injured workers and their treating practitioners.

Soula launched Pain Train, an electronic health record, Pain Train, for individuals to share with their team, to make their recovery journey easier.

Soula also generously gives of her very precious time to act as my PhD Supervisor – subject matter expert and is co-creating research into compensable injury case management.

Not a day goes by that she isn’t changing the Australian Workers Comp industry for the better.”

Soula, in particular, is proud to be contributing to the complex world of workers’ compensation and to specifically have PainTrain – My Health Summary nominated as a helpful resource.

Soula states, ‘My personal experience of navigating workers’ compensation appointments was especially traumatic’.

‘At the best of times, I found it difficult to repeat and express what I was feeling. The ‘Independent medical examinations’ were even harder – my financial support depended on it so I had to make sure my case was presented clearly. I wish I had PainTrain at that time’

A resource such as PainTrain provides the person ability to communicate a health experience in a private, simple and efficient way.

Communicating is key at all health appointments.

During personal health appointments, understanding the patient is key to better treatment and management. During insurer appointments, clear communication is key also for assessing ongoing financial assistance.


We take this opportunity not only to thank the Comp Laude organisers but to also thank Michelle Manning Hutson for her work in the area of workers’ compensation.

And to all the finalists, we wish you good luck. Perhaps we’ll see you at next years’ awards!

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