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Payment Structure for Patients

For a limited time $14.95 a year

From 17 November 2017, PainTrain will be available at the SPECIAL price of $14.95 if you are in Australia, and $13.59 if you are outside Australia.  The price difference allows for the Australian Goods and Services Tax (known as “GST”), which applies only to Australian residents.  (All amounts are in Australian dollars.)

The special $14.95 price buys you a subscription for a full year. So now is a great time to subscribe.

While the special price applies, the one month free trial before you need to pay is not available.

The normal price

Normally, PainTrain is $49 a year. Now it is $14.95.

The free trial offer

Normally, we offer a free trial period of one month ― but the free trial is not available while the special price of $14.95 applies.

During a free trial you can:

  • Enter as much information as you like
  • Use all the functions of PainTrain ― expect sharing your health summary with someone else, you need to pay to do that.

At the end of the free trial either you pay the registration fee, or your account is deleted.

During the trial you cannot share your health summary. If you decide you would like to share your health summary during the trial period, you will just need to pay the registration fee of $49.

The fee includes the Australian Goods and Services tax which applies to Australian residents.

Patients who don’t live in Australia do not have to pay GST and therefore their annual fee will be adjusted according to their country of residence.