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Payment Structure for Health Care Practitioners

If health care practitioners would like to offer Pain Train to their patients, they can do so with a discounted rate.

If patients register to use Pain Train directly they will be charged $49 per year. If health care practitioners register on their behalf, they will only be charged $42 per patient, that’s a $7 discount.

If you have a large number of patients using the system, please contact us to discuss a further discount. 

How it works

To qualify for the discounted rate, health care practitioners simply fill out the registration form. You will then be sent a promotion code. Your patients can use this code to register on Pain Train at no charge.

Pain Train will invoice you at the end of your patient’s free one month trial. We want to make sure our customers think Pain Train is going to work for them before paying the annual fee. Patients have to sign on to activate the trial. This means you won’t be charged for patients that never sign on or who delete their account before the end of the trial.

You will be invoiced for the annual fee for account renewals, providing the patient signs into the system in the second year. You will not be invoiced for patients who do not sign into their account after their second year has begun. 

You will only ever be invoiced once in a month, for any new patients and any renewals due. If you don’t have any new patients register or renewals due, you won’t be invoiced.

The invoice we send you will detail the names and dates of birth for:

  • Your patients that have registered to use Pain Train for the first time and completed the one month trial
  • Your patients whose licenses are due for renewal 

You can pass the cost of Pain Train onto your patient through your next invoice. 

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