PainTrain Affiliate System

A PainTrain – My Health Summary annual subscription costs $29 (inc. Aus tax) / $26.36 (ex. tax). The fee includes the Australian Goods and Services tax which applies to Australian residents. Patients who don’t live in Australia do not have to pay GST and therefore their annual fee will be adjusted according to their country of residence. PainTrain offers an affiliate system for professionals who recommend subscribers. To qualify for the affiliate system, health care practitioners are required to read and accept the terms and conditions and then register. We’ll be in touch shortly after we receive your submission to ask for account details.

How it works, in brief

The affiliate system is activated when a patient subscribes to PainTrain and inputs their referring health care practitioner’s name on their registration form. If you plan to recommend a great number of patients to the system, please contact us to discuss further. If you would like to run a promotion for your patients (ie a free month trial), please contact us to make arrangements for a Promo Code. An affiliate receives payment of 30% from every referred subscriber’s annual fee. An affiliate will continue to receive payment of 30% of the annual fee for every account renewal, providing the patient continues to subscribe. The affiliate will receive payment for patients who continue to use PainTrain from the time their subscription is renewed. The remittance PainTrain – My Health Summary send you will detail the name/s and email/s for:

  • Referred patients that have registered you as their health care practitioner and subscribed to use PainTrain for the first time
  • Referred patients whose subscriptions are due for renewal

Please read the full terms & conditions.


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