It is my absolute pleasure to let everyone know that PainTrain (PT) is being resurrected!

No thanks to the horrid CV-19, telehealth has been catapulted into action. As the founder of PT, I saw this as an opportunity for the online ‘patient speaking’ resource.

Telehealth is key to advancing healthcare but its implementation was lagging and that was impacting PT’s growth. That’s all changed with CV-19. Forced to use telehealth, professionals and patients have experienced another method for the traditional (and slow!) appointment system.

Though not suitable for every scenario, we now can’t deny telehealth’s simplicity and efficiency. The past months have also helped build user confidence – telehealth is not so unfamiliar and not so scary.

As a patient, you can feel more confident in sharing your health summary with your healthcare practitioner/s.

As a professional, you can feel more confident implementing a little more tech into your practice.

So, let’s try this… again!

Going Forward

I’ve thought long and hard about resurrecting PT and it feels like the right thing to do. If there is ever a time for a resource such as PT, that time would certainly be now!

I need a team; An advisory board to help me progress PainTrain and keep it moving. Email me here if you’re interested.

Financial support; PainTrain requires ongoing management and development. I’ve created a business plan and strategy for the way forward – I would be happy to email it to you.

Become an affiliate; read how to recommend PT and earn gratitude doing so!

Patient affiliates
Healthcare practitioner affiliate

Stay in Touch

I hope you and your loved ones have managed this awful period. You can read about my coping strategies and Australian CV-19 perspective here.

I’d love to hear from you and learn how you’ve been managing. So hit the button!

Keep well

Soula Mantalvanos
Founder PainTrain – My Health Summary