PainTrain – My Health Summary

PainTrain can be implemented into your organisation’s pain management system.

Always Somewhat Never
Support I have:
Shoulder to cry on
Supportive friends
Wellness care providers
Emotionally, the pain makes me think:
My situation will never change
Of terrible conversations to myself
The situation is hopeless
The pain makes me feel:
Tense and unable to relax
Less confident in public
The pain means:
I’m more irritable
I stay home more than I used to
I change position all the time
I only walk short distances
The painful facts are:
Use the handrail with stairs
Climb stairs more slowly
Walk more slowly
Avoid standing
The pain stops me from:
Walking with the dog
How the pain is triggered:
It’s wear and tear!

Professional Life
Professional life is the same but I try move less

Personal life
I ran 30kms per week

Medical history
I have great medical history and no major issues.

Pre-existing medical conditions
Asthma during child years.

Physiotherapy Pretty happy, this issue is getting much better

How did the pain begin? I was in a car accident and my legs were squashed by the inside of the car. No bones were broken but they were terribly hurt nevertheless

Describe the health issue briefly The pain hasn’t gone away. It’s persisted, perhaps even getting worse. I have to buy different shoes and I use supportive slip in for the shower even.

Has there been a diagnosis? Chronic pain

Note any health cover / insurance Private health cover. Transport insurance

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Note any medication

I’m trying not to take too much medication. Gabapentin as I need it. Panamax or Panadol.

Note past treatment (list current treatment in next section)

I see a physiotherapist fortnightly.

Other important details:

I’m feeling like not many people understand me.

Next of kin: Barbara Patient.
0410 000 000

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