(AUST) Frances Jolly

“I have just started to use PainTrainMHS after two and a half years of telling my story to multiple health care providers. My doctors have all been fantastic but I sometimes feel they focus so much on the medical symptoms and drugs etc that they don’t get the big picture of how pain is affecting my life.

I like the format of PainTrainMHS because it allows me to express my issues in an organised manner. I’ve found when I’m seeing doctors I’m often drowsy from medications, nervous and in pain. When talking to them I often can’t get my words out until I have built up a rapport with them.”

Soula Mantalvanos (founder PainTrain MHS)

I’ve always found PainTrainMHS great support when it comes to communicating my long painful journey but I also learned of an added value when I had to change my family GP. When I relocated to a new town I learned that I didn’t own my own personal medical history – even though I had been seeing my GP since I was 17. Having PainTrainMHS saved me from having to repeat the traumatic history of chronic pain and I also felt supported at my first meeting with the new GP. PainTrainMHS has formed a dashboard of my experience and history – a kind of portal that I can access anytime.

I’m an organised person but having all my information on PainTrainMHS now I realise that searching through endless folders and files on a computer would have been primitive not to mention highly frustrating.

I feel very privileged to have the design experience and to be able to combine that with chronic pain to make a resource like PainTrain.

(AUST) Marika Silwedel

PainTrainMHS has been a very useful tool to store my chronic pain journey. I was injured back in 2010 so I have a long history.

It’s easy to forget practitioners I’ve seen or procedures I’ve had, storing everything in one place which makes it easy to access this information and paint a near-perfect portrait of my pain journey.

It’s easy to use and helps me store my day to day movement or lack of movement on a high pain day.

By storing my day to day movements it’s easier for me to see why I may have severely flared. I can then access if I perhaps did too much.

Soula herself having chronic pain has designed this site to help connect those of us living with chronic pain to the medical world, family and friends so that they best understand our pain journey and what we are going through.

(NZ) Deborah Thompson

Loving the PainTrainMHS!

Looking forward to not having to repeat myself endlessly. And charting progress, even when it’s incremental.

All positive PainTrainMHS!

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