Patient testimonials


Frances Jolly (VIC)

“I have just started to use PainTrain after two and a half years of telling my story to multiple health care providers. My doctors have all been fantastic but I sometimes feel they focus so much on the medical symptoms and drugs etc that they don’t get the big picture of how pain is affecting my life.

I like the format of PainTrain because it allows me to express my issues in an organized manner. I’ve found when I’m seeing doctors I’m often drowsy from medications, nervous and in pain. When talking to them I often can’t get my words out until I have built up a rapport with them.”

Marika Silwedel (VIC)

PainTrain has been a very useful tool to store my chronic pain journey. I was injured back in 2010 so I have a long history.

It’s easy to forget practitioners I’ve seen or procedures I’ve had, storing everything in one place which makes it easy to access this information and paint a near-perfect portrait of my pain journey.

It’s easy to use and helps me store my day to day movement or lack of movement on a high pain day.

By storing my day to day movements it’s easier for me to see why I may have severely flared. I can then access if I perhaps did too much.

Soula herself having chronic pain has designed this site to help connect those of us living with chronic pain to the medical world, family and friends so that they best understand our pain journey and what we are going through.

Deborah Thompson (NZ)

‘Loving the PainTrain! Looking forward to not having to repeat myself endlessly. And charting progress, even when it’s incremental.

All positive PainTrain!’

Practitioner testimonials

Karen Liberi MS, MPT, WCS Director of Rehab at NWO Center for Pelvic Rehab and Wellness

“A wonderful platform for patients to document their pain history allowing the layout to be in a very easy to read format for the practitioner to get a “snapshot” of the patient in just a few moments. I think it will be a great asset to our initial “interview” with our patients that highlights many talking points to help even better tailor our program for everyone.”

Dr Nick Christelis MBBCH, FRCA, FFPMRCA, FANZCA, FFPMANZCA – Director, Pain Specialists Australia

“A key step in multidisciplinary care is patient involvement. This excellent resource empowers patients to take control of their pain journey.”

Dr Susie Gronski, DPT, PRPC – Pelvic floor physical therapist

“PainTrain is a revolutionary communication tool designed to empower patients, allowing them to tell their story the way they want it to be heard. The daily mood logging and customizable questionnaires make this a very unique experience for the patient.

I love PainTrain because my patients can share their story with just about anyone they want. All their paperwork is under one roof, you can even upload medical scans. It’s an efficient way to stay connected with my patient’s wellness team.

My patients can see exactly when I checked their profile which makes them feel cared for and supported along their journey. PainTrain a unique product that fits the paradigm shift from patriarchal traditional medicine to patient-centeric collaboration allowing patients to take ownership of their health and ultimately their life’s journey.”

I’m happy to be offering PainTrain to all of my patients. Kudos on a job well done!


Dustienne Miller CYT, PT, MS, WCS, Your Pace Yoga

“Fabulous! What an empowering tool for patients to organize and track their symptoms so they can easily share with their providers. Well done!”

Pete Moore, Founder and trainer of The Pain Toolkit

PainTrain is a very useful resources for both the person living with persistent pain and the healthcare professional who are supporting them.

It allows the person to track their progress and report back to their healthcare professional, who can help them over any, what I call pain speed bumps to self-manage their pain.

Arthur Papakotsias, CEO Youth Focus (prior CEO Neami National)

“PainTrain is a terrific innovation that puts the consumer in a position to shape their treatment and recovery. The idea of not having to repeat your story over and over again and exercising control over the information health professional get is terrific. Consumers know best what they need and what works. PainTrain provides a vehicle to regain control in an environment when control is often lost.”

Dr John Quintner – retired pain specialist and researcher

“I do like your idea of easing the burden upon the person in pain who invariably has to relate their history to each and every health professional they encounter. It allows more time for both parties to enter and utilise the “third space,” where meaning is negotiated and healing can take place.”

Sara K. Sauder PT, DPT – Pelvic floor physical therapist, Sullivan Physical Therapy

“What I like about this concept is that, as a provider, it saves me time. I can read everything the patient has sent prior to the appointment, I can highlight the information that is most pertinent to me and whatever else I need to know I can ask in the appointment. This creates efficient use of time.”


“I hope many people with pain will use PainTrain to make their medical appointments smoother….and that others will be inspired by your example to innovate new solutions in response to personal challenges. Your message to health care providers is so important: “how are you going to understand and help your patient if you don’t get their perspective, culture, upbringing, daily experience, relationship with their spouse…everyone’s journey is unique”