The PainTrain team are thrilled to be able to welcome people who live with chronic pain and health professionals to our Affiliate System.

Everyone can now contribute to transforming the healthcare appointment experience!

What you know already

You know that PainTrain – My Health Summary annual subscriptions costs $29 (Aus) / $26.36 (Int), right?

Then, how about we share this subscription fee with you through an affiliate system?

And when we say share, we mean anyone – whether you’re living with chronic pain or whether you are a pain management professional.

Our PainTrain team is eager to help ease communication for patients as well as help professionals understand their patients better. This leads to better care and better pain management.

Have you read what patients and professionals say about PainTrain?

The Future Health Index 2019 Transforming Healthcare Experiences commissioned by Philips* clearly indicates that empowered patients better manage their health.

(Images: Future Health Index 2019 Page 18)Philips top reasons individuals would be more likely to use digital health

Philips more likely to use digital health technology or mobile health apps if HP recommended

The research also shows that patients are more likely to use digital health if the data will be shared with their healthcare professional. The positive experience for both professionals and patients is mounting up.

But we all have to work at it!

How the Affiliate System works – in brief

The affiliate system is activated when someone subscribes to PainTrain and inputs their referrer’s name on their registration form.

If you plan to recommend a great number of people to the system, please contact us to discuss further.

Groups or organisations who would like to run a promotion for patients (ie a free month trial) are welcome to contact us to make arrangements for a Promo Code.

What do affiliates receive?

Affiliates receive payment of 30% from every referred subscriber’s annual fee. And affiliates will continue to receive payment of 30% of the annual fee for every account renewal, providing the subscription is renewed.

Please read the full terms & conditions.


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*Transforming Healthcare Experiences. The Future Health Index 2019 (commissioned by Philips)