We don't use your medical information at all. We protect it.
What do patients want?

Male-patientI would like:

  • help with communicating my journey without having to repeat myself
  • access to my pain journey on any computer or hand held device 24/7, and ability to share this private information with whomever I wish safely
  • to make the most of my time with HCPs and make my appointments as efficient as possible
  • accuracy of my personal information
  • to restore my confidence when meeting new HCPs
  • help with communication between my HCPs, family, carers and friends which also aids with support
  • transparency between my pain management team
  • have confidence that my HCPs are united in the search for my diagnosis
  • to easily provide my new HCP with my medical records if I change my HCP,  (HCPs are often very slow to transfer records)
  • to feel independent, confident and most importantly to manage my own pain journey




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