PainTrain MHS has made a manual Worksheet of the content used to build online health summaries.


PainTrain Worksheet

The Worksheet is downloadable for you to save and print as you wish.

How to Use the Worksheet

If you live with chronic pain, this Worksheet can be used if you require help preparing the online version of your health summary or if you prefer to discuss the questions and answers with someone you trust. In addition, all health summaries are editable, so you can continually update your information and change any detail once you transfer your health information online. Build your health summary once, and then simply maintain and share it as you wish – you’ll be in control.

The pdf or printout can be handy if you are a healthcare practitioner who would like to introduce PainTrain MHS to a new patient or client. This encouragement is key to empowering people living with chronic pain to manage their health condition more actively. In addition, completing the Worksheet and helping prepare a health summary for someone living with chronic pain may also play a vital role in that person’s diagnosis and help alleviate their distress in ongoing appointments.

The Worksheet is a great place to start building a PainTrain health summary.